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A Dandy Holiday Message

Updated: Feb 16, 2022

from Just Dandy Stuff

The holidays are upon us again this year

And here’s hoping for some Holiday Cheer

Has any progress been made since last year, one might ask

Not much since we still have to wear a face mask

Even though things remain unclear in our horoscope

Each day still brings upon us all some newfound hope

Hope things will get a little better day by day

And hope all things bad will go away

Appreciation is the core of everyday life

To thwart away all this strife

Appreciating the things that really matter

Is the only way that hope won’t shatter

Look around to see love of friends and family

Can and will destroy all this calamity

And while there are no guarantees

If you spread kindness like a disease

The days will only get better and hope continues to grow

Like after a storm when you see a rainbow

You will find these trials and tribulations

Will be overcome with jubilation

Give back the love and share with all

Make this your new protocol

Show all some love and kindness and gratitude and respect

We will all be a little happier I suspect

It is the most wonderful time of the year

For us all to give and bring cheer

In a time of giving and getting presents

You will uncover the Holiday’s true essence

With all we have had to endure

It is only our ‘presence’ that is the cure

So make this the season where your presence is the essence

Regardless of all the holiday presents

And as the new year approaches, take pause

Search for your own personal cause

Reflection of self and where you want to be

Will be your salvation to being happy

Seek the opportunities offered within each day

And grab hold of hope come what may

Each day is a new start, never wait for tomorrow

To wipe away all this sadness and sorrow

Hope never dies, it brings new opportunity

Grab on to hope to bring unity to your community

Peace and love and joy and happiness always

Here’s waiting and hoping to share better days

A Dandy Holiday Message - Just Dandy Stuff
A Dandy Holiday Message - Just Dandy Stuff

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