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Good Looks or Brains

Updated: Feb 9, 2022

Sometimes I think it is much better to have good looks than brains because most people I know can see better than they can think


In our everchanging world, for generations all would agree with the importance, desire and appreciation of education and development of the mind. However, this quote contradicts all rational behavior in answering the lifelong question of whether one would prefer good looks over brains. Obviously, all of us understand and agree education and a logical intelligent brain is overwhelmingly the desire and choice for most, if not all, of us. However, it comes to mind that we all must adapt in the world we live in and our own environment. In this statement, one would assess and agree in these current times it definitely seems to be true, our world around us reacts more to the visual response than to logic or reasoning. Look around you – are your friends more apt to think before they take things for face value (yes, social media, we are talking about you)? While humorous, this is a somewhat truthful statement for all of us.

This product is designed by and is solely owned by Just Dandy Stuff

Share a story on our social media platforms of when you wish you would have listened to your brains instead of relying on what you thought you saw. Oh, the stories you can tell. This is probably why we have five senses and a brain – one perspective is never enough to make an intelligent decision.


Cats or dogs? Deep dish or thin crust? Sandwiches sliced vertically or diagonally? Good Looks or Brains? Tastes great/Less Filling? (the last one ages us a bit and doesn’t really apply here).

There are several heated discussions and divisions given choices, none as relevant or topical today as Good Looks or Brains. This age-old question has been around for decades (probably centuries) and there is never an answer or undeniable winner in this category. Is it better to be attractive or to be intelligent?

Believe it or not, there have been studies to put an end to this debate (really? Who is funding this and can one get paid to be part of this study?). According to one study, good-looking people may be up to 14% smarter than less attractive people: Attractive male children score 13.6 IQ points higher, and attractive female children score 11.4 IQ points higher. Well then, there you go. --???-- Really doesn’t prove much, but glad to have yet another useless statistic in the vault of information you now know and have no need for as a functioning adult.

Regardless of this or any of the studies, one major flaw is how is “attractive” being measured and who is determining what is attractive. What is the level of attractiveness? Is it measured as high as Ryan Reynolds/Scarlet Johansson level or is the baseline at the Adam Driver/Sarah Jessica Parker level (another little-known fact is they are known as and/or referred to as the sexy ugly celebrity—oxymoron anyone? And why is this a google search category???). There are other levels of attractiveness in the category of good looks (in addition to Ryan Reynolds) such as Ryan Gosling, George Clooney, Chris Hemsworth, The Rock, Brad Pitt, John Cena, Hugh Jackman, Denzel Washington, David Beckham, Paul Rudd or Matthew McConaughey. Or in addition to Scarlet Johansson you might prefer the choices of Meghan Fox, Mila Kunis, Kate Upton, Jennifer Lawrence, Halle Berry, Gal Gadot, Jennifer Aniston, Kate Beckinsale, Jessica Alba, or Margot Robbie? Or “___________” insert the name of your preference here.

Regardless of these attractive, sexy, or sexy ugly celebrities listed above, again good looks is subjective at the very least and cannot be measured objectively.

Unlike brains. Yes! We’ve got all kinds of tests for brains including Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scale, Universal Nonverbal Intelligence, Differential Ability Scales, Peabody Individual Achievement Test, Wechsler Individual Achievement Test, Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale, Woodcock Johnson III Tests of Cognitive Disabilities, and… well, the list goes on. One would assume any of these tests would be sufficient in measuring one’s ability to be intelligent enough not to take these tests to know how smart one is (if you were smart your mother would not need to have you tested).

And if you tested high in any of these tests well, then, you would know there is a mathematical formula in measuring beauty. Yes, believe it or not, there is. It is known as the golden ratio, a theory which states there's a recurring proportion of arrangement that lends certain things their beauty. Represented as an equation: a/b = (a+b)/a, the golden ratio is all around us—conical sea shells, human faces, flower petals, buildings—we just don't always know we're looking at it. (Huh? How can we not know we are looking at beauty?).

Well enough of the smarts and trivial as trivial information can be on the subject matter, the question remains, Good Looks or Brains?

There are Good Looks, also known as attractive, beautiful, sexy, easy to look at. And Brains, well, can be referred as intelligent, smart, mentally able to do most anything. In pursuing the answer, one would have to continue the statement. And the creator of this design did.

While intelligence can be measured to a degree, good looks, well, is more subjective as it requires an immeasurable reaction based on perception. More people will disagree on good looks than on intelligence.

The creator also observed the current climate of social conditions. More than ever, people disagree on every subject matter and because of non-objective information received on news channels and social media, well, people are less inclined to think objectively or for themselves.

And as always, humankind is more apt to measure itself amongst their environmental surroundings. Our conditions are such that visual perception is more acceptable than mental ability. Given this current climate and conditioning the creator has succinctly described the appropriate answer to the age-old question, Good Looks or Brains.

In our personal preference, sometimes it is better to have good looks than brains, because most people around you are not as smart, but can be made to be pretty. Hence this design, “Good Looks or Brains - Sometimes I Think It Is Better To Have Good Looks Than Brains Because Most People I Know Can See Better Than They Think.”

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